bed bugs chicago map of reported infestations


Chicago bed bugs are here. And it is not your fault! Like catching the flu or a cold, contracting bed bugs from a neighbor or one little sneak bed bug coming home with you from the movies or grocery store happens all the time. As you can see from the Chicago bed bug registry's recent reports and from new reports that Chicago is the top bed bug infestation city, it happens to good people all the time. 


Having more than 5 years assisting New York City residents, exterminators, pest control operators, landlords, and management companies with bed bugs, we are now here in Chicago. We not only provide bed bug laundry and preparation services, but also dry cleaning, heat treatment, and storage at no additional cost until your home is bed bug free. But, perhaps, most importantly, we provide moral support and reduce your workload during a very stressful ordeal. 

We are not happy that you have bed bugs, but we are happy to be in Chicagoland supporting residents, exterminators, and management companies in the Cook County area. 

Call us now at (312) 546 3056 to find out more about our Chicago bed bug services.