bed bug dry cleaning arrives looking like all other dry cleaners so no one knows you have bed bugs


Bed bug dry cleaning and laundry services help Chicago area residents ease the stress of dealing with an infestation. Going it alone with your exterminator can be daunting especially when you realize that not only is it a lot of work to effectively launder your personal and household textiles, but some of them cannot be washed! And what are you going to do with all those clean items until your home is free and clear of bed bugs? We off free storage until your home is ready. 

All our dry cleaning and laundry services offer pickup and delivery in discreet unmarked vans. Making sure your fabrics and textiles in your home are completely free of bed bugs is tough to do. Our dedicated, specialized laundry and dry cleaning facilities are equipped with the proper equipment in sanitary conditions. We use careful processes to ensure that bed bugs or other pests do not cross-contaminate between cleaned items and those bagged items awaiting treatment. 

Today, many Chicago dry-cleaners offer organic or green processes, which is great for you and the environment. But you are trying to kill bed bugs at all stages including their eggs that may be nesting in your clothes, coats, bags, or other textiles, perhaps even your couch. In this difficult circumstance, you must select a dry cleaner that utilizes chemicals that effectively eliminate the pests. 


Compare us to others! Our laundry and dry cleaning prices are affordable, as well as effective in eradicating bed bugs. Our convenient bed bug dry cleaning and laundry rates include pick-up, delivery, and storage while your home is being exterminated! There is no obligation to utilize our bed bug preparation and cleaning services in order to use our laundry and dry cleaning pickup service. You select the options that make sense for your budget and your bed bug situation.  

If you don't need our help to prep your home, you may choose to just have us take care of your laundry and dry cleaning items. In this case, we will provide detailed instructions on bagging your items to reduce risk of spreading infestation and to protect delicate items. We pick up your bags or even help you bag, and then all your worries drive away in our discreet van.

Laundry, dry cleaning, heat treatment, folding, sealing, and storage services are offered to you in a menu style so that you pay for only the services you need. Bed bug laundry treatment is our specialty and we pride ourselves on serving our clientele well. Let us take this quarantining, cleaning, and storage burden off your shoulders through our comprehensive bed bug dry cleaning and laundry services.

When you are ready to bring your clean items home, simply call to arrange delivery. Most of our clients are working professionals, so we are proud to offer flexible delivery times and options, 7 days a week.


Call 872-395-3952 to get detailed instructions for preparing your items for safe, effective cleaning and to schedule our convenient pick-up service.