let us do all your bed bug preparation and bed bug cleaning services


If you are here, you probably know how much work bed bug preparation is to be done before your exterminator will even come to your home to treat for bed bugs! While every exterminator has some slight variations to this list, generally everyone dealing with bed bugs in their home are asked to do most of the following bed bug cleaning services to prepare for bed bug treatment: 

  • move furniture at least two feet away from walls 
  • vacuum not only carpets but baseboards, vents, and every crack or crevice 
  • steam curtains and other textiles 
  • prep mattresses and box springs for treatment
  • dispose of furniture and other affected items 
  • apply isopropyl alcohol to surfaces
  • de-clutter and organize surfaces including counters, tables, and shelves to optimize treatment
  • launder all affected clothing and other textiles in the home

This list helps your treatment be effective so you don't have a reinfestation. But, who has time for all this? And how can you make sure everything is done thoroughly enough to make your bed bug treatment effective? 


Luckily, our team at Chicago Bed Bug Laundry And Prep is here to support you. We can take care of this exhausting bed bug preparation process. In addition to helping you prepare for treatment, we can also handle your bed bug laundry and your dry cleaning


we take the stress and a lot of work out of the bed bug prep your exterminator requires


Bed Bug Prep DIY Kits: If you have the time and just need the resources, consider renting one of our Bed Bug Prep DIY Kits to help you get the job done. Each kit includes the supplies and equipment you will need to take care of the bed bug prep process on your own. Call the Bed Bug Laundry and Prep team to learn more about how DIY rental of bed bug cleaning and prep kits works. 

Standard Bed Bug Prep: Our standard bed bug preparation service covers many, if not all, of the bed bug cleaning services and other requirements your exterminator has for treatment of your home. Pricing depends on the size and condition of your home. Call us to schedule a free quote. 

Comprehensive Bed Bug Prep: Our comprehensive bed bug prep goes beyond the standard exterminator home preparation list. We work with you to comb through your house or apartment from end to end and top to bottom. We help you organize, sort, de-clutter, and thoroughly clean your home to get rid of bed bugs and prevent their return. This service also includes a room reset -- helping you get your life back to normal after your bed bug treatment has concluded. Pricing depends on the size and condition of your home.

Call us at 872-395-3952 to schedule a bed bug prep service quote, bed bug cleaning services, or a laundry and dry cleaning pick-up today.